Artist of the Month : Rustle Hill Winery

Artist of the Month

Spring, 2015

Wolf Creek Studio

Wolf Creek, Robin & Sharon

Rustle Hill Winery is very pleased to feature the art of Wolf Creek Studio.
Their art will be all around the winery for the next several months, and we will be hosting three meet-and-greets with the artists.

Wolf Creek Studio is the combined effort of husband and wife, Robin L. Washburn and Sharon Matusiak.

“We believe art should be inspiring, engaging, rejuvenating and spiritual.

We came together sharing a philosophy of how to live a valid life, seeking truth and beauty and enlightenment.  We know that balance in all things nurtures our soul, enriches society and protects the environment.  These are things we value.

Come with us on a voyage of discovery.  We offer delights for the eye, amazing sculpture and objects d’art for the sophisticated.”

Wolf Creek