2017 – “The Great American Eclipse” : Rustle Hill Winery

2017 – “The Great American Eclipse”

August 21, 2017, 1:20 pm

For Eclipse watchers, the point of GREATEST DURATION in the entire Continental United States
occurs in southern Illinois,  7 miles from Rustle Hill Winery!

Rustle Hill Winery is THE place to locate for this event!    Situated directly on State Highway 51, it is the easiest Event facility to get to for the most incredible sky event in our history!
We have cabin capacity for 25-30 people…
We are designing RV spaces (and maybe tent camping) for our 4-wheel friends…
The “Eclipse Amphitheater” has a capacity for 2000 (and parking to support it)…
The Restaurant and Winery is capable of supporting the party that is planned for the weekend event…

And we are planning a weekend of events to occupy our time while we wait for the main celestial wink.


The point of GREATEST ECLIPSE happens in western Kentucky, about 150 miles away.


Rustle Hill Winery is approximately 7 miles from the exact point of GREATEST DURATION.  You will lose less than 1/2 second of total eclipse by being at Rustle Hill vs. the exact point of greatest duration.