Artists of the Month : Rustle Hill Winery

Artists of the Month

Summer, 2013

Lisa Hicks

                        Hicks 1
Lisa is a local artist from Jonesboro, IL.  Her career has mainly consisted of teaching various levels and types of art to a wide range of students.  In fact, she has taught art to students for thirty-two years.  Currently, she teaches art to the students at Cobden Jr.-Sr. High School.  However, she has also taught art at Pope County School and Shawnee Community College.

Working out of her studio at home, Lisa has enjoyed creating art works from a variety of art media.  In the last few years, she has devoted her time to her paintings.

A series of Lisa’s paintings concentrate on the subject of vegetables, especially peppers.  Being raised in Southern Illinois, she helped her parents grow vegetables and sell them at their local produce market.  Bushel baskets of fruits and vegetables that were picked, loaded, and sold at the produce market was a big part of her life.  Many Southern Illinois families spend their summers working hard raising crops and produce.  Farming is a main part of the culture and background for this area.  They know that the sweet and hearty taste of the good things in life keep us humble and appreciative for what we have and done.  Lisa tries to show the beauty and heartiness of the vegetables in her paintings and relate their passion and cultural background to the viewer.

In the last couple of years, Lisa has developed a fascination for Abstract Expressionism.  Using bright colors and textures, she places them thick on the canvas by brush, palette knife or by sometimes using only her fingers.  Lisa tries to capture the emotion of each piece with her vibrant use of color, extreme texture and movement.